Like a Cloud

It all began with the notion that it ought to be possible to create a design that enables a natural and lovely deep sleep.

Soon after the first hanging cradle was designed.

The cradle is lightly hanging from the ceiling like a cloud. The baby quickly learns that, just by moving a little, she can swing herself to sleep. Soft movements calms her down and peeking through the holes of the sides, watching the game of shadow and light, helps her to fall asleep.


Finest materials

Its soft organic shape, feels safe and soft like the womb and the baby loves to snuggle into the hand crochet sides of the cradle. Perfect with its inperfections.

The cradle is made from repurposed cotton linen so it is a part of heritage already. I love the idea of repurposing and it is eco friendly too. It is a lovely piece of furniture that will stay in the family for a long, long time.

Made with soft hands and a warm heart

This beautiful crocheted hanging cradle was first made for my third son. And it turned out so pretty, useful and calming to our baby that we just had to offer this beautiful experience to everybody.

The cradle is handmade.


Anita - maker & mom



This cradle is beautiful. The materials are very nice and feel very warm. We liked this so much, we bought two -- one for downstairs and one for upstairs. Our baby loves it!

By Donna D Johnsonon August 10, 2015

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